accumulating pleasure moments

We all seek them, don’t we?  Moments of gratification, satisfaction, contentment.  Unless we’ve been brainwashed, we seek pleasure over pain.  That’s a reasonable assumption.  Pleasure is good.  Pain not so good.3-images-pleasure

Pleasure is associated with happiness.  The pursuit of happiness is so fundamental that it’s built into the US Declaration of

But pain, pleasure’s counter balance, is inevitable and part of life.  Still, we don’t actively seek to suffer.  Pleasure is our default objective.  Most of us will agree that life is better if our accumulation of pleasure moments exceeds those of pain.  We therefore actively endeavor to try and maximize our pleasure margin.

It's possible to combine both

It’s possible to combine both

While some even mistake pain for pleasure, seeking comfort in a mirage doesn’t work.  And though we may live a large part of our lives in the grey area in the middle, our day-to-day is unconsciously filled with a desire for pleasure moments — whatever form those moments take.

a false sense of pleasure? maybe, maybe not

a false sense of pleasure? maybe, maybe not

It could be said then, that before checking out, life is a journey of accumulating as many pleasurable moments as possible.   If that’s the case, a worthy aspiration could be, while subconsciously collecting spats of pleasure, to do so without causing pain to others, including our planet and other living creatures.

What else could there be?

a daily sought after pleasure

a daily sought after pleasure

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