“In my heart of hearts, I believe…,”

Says the guy to the woman he was walking with as I passed them on a busy crosswalk of 23rd at 5th Ave/Madison Square Park in New York yesterday.  Since we were moving in opposite directions, a split-second glance at his face told me that he was engaged in an intent explanation.  And who wouldn’t look purposeful uttering the idiom ‘my heart of hearts.’

Whoever wrote this didn’t add the heart as a source

Shakespeare supposedly gave us this phrase, but he used the singular version, ‘my heart of heart.’   We like many hearts to proclaim something at the core of our beliefs. As emotional beings, we like to express depth and profundity.  It helps convey a level of certainty.

We invoke the heart, or hearts, because we love believing in things. Believing in something self-assures us that we are not idiots.  And if we can believe profoundly, it helps us feel that we are not on shaky ground.

It’s said though, that the only thing we can truly believe is our ability to change.  All other beliefs are built on experiences, which are somewhat like fantasies.  And like snowflakes, everyone’s belief structure is unique.

Heart of hearts or a 10 of hearts, we love our hearts

I believe that the world is flat until I find out it’s round and that it’s round until I learn it’s a spheroid.  And, I believe that what I’m doing at this very moment is positive and healthy.  In fact, I believe from the bottom of my heart, which must be somewhere near the gut, mixing itself in the intestinal instinct fluids.

A belief that reaches the depth of our consciousness, the core of our hearts, helps conquer empty space.  The trick, since beliefs are self-constructed, quasi-realities, is to prevent them from growing too rigid or giving them too much validity, lending them to be more heart healthy.

I’m not sure where my heart of hearts lies.  I can’t think of a conviction I’ve got that is so profound.  If I had a gun to my head, I would proclaim with a certain degree of certainty, ok, my heart-of-hearts, at least for the near future, that the New York Yankee’s will win (something) and that dogs will remain man’s best friend.

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