Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, to all in the family,
             May your tables overflow with succulent food,
While we give thanks, for this day, and being together,
             And remembering our brother, Heathen Dude.

When we weren’t many, we shared the land,
            Those centuries ago, in a high-spirited mood,
We were brought together, with treasures we stewed,
            And started a tradition, with you, Heathen Dude.

But we needed more land as our numbers grew,
            You lived in teepees, we had forests to hew,
So you banded together, started to collude,
            Planning retribution, vowing not to be screwed,
With feather headdress, you charged us half-nude,
            We were Pilgrims, proper and prude,
Witnessing crazy people, wild and lewd,
            Yes, things got aggressive, brother Heathen Dude.

We had hoped you would be soothed,
            But our agreements were shrewed,
Distrust ever building, until we both came unglued,
            And neverending battles ensued,
With your love of land, and our drive to intrude,
            We were blinded by what we thought as crude,
Resulting in forgotten gratitude,
            So we ran you out, brother Heathen Dude.

It’s a long time over,
            Our long-time feud,
So wherever we are,
            By ourselves or with a brood,
While we over-consume,
            thoughts of calories eschewed,
We give thanks and a toast,
            With whatever is brewed,
And salute to all we’ve wooed,
            Including our brother, Heathen Dude.

skf 2008

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