In 2010, I was, I thought, a fit and passionately active guy, living in New York City, when, after a couple of misdiagnoses, discovered something on the base of my tongue that should not have been there.

post initial treatment in NYC on the Hudson

Late 2010 post initial treatment in NYC on the Hudson

Oddly, at the same time the unwanted lump was finally biopsied, a well-known actor and one of my favorites, initials M.D., announced he was going through the same treatment, for the same thing, same area, same stage, at the same time.  He was also misdiagnosed, which made our treatments more severe than they otherwise would have needed to be.  Because I was particularly heat sensitive, the seven weeks of radiation and chemo ended up making waste of my left mandible, requiring a 2nd remedy more harsh than the first.

Although my grandfather died from tongue cancer, perhaps leaving me with a predisposing gene, (he chewed tobacco, I did not nor was I a smoker) I make no bones that the cancerous condition was brought on by my own lifestyle choices.

This blog started out as a method of communicating the treatment process, a kind of shared diary to family and friends, and has since evolved into homogenized, fibrous comments of whatever seems to choke me up at the moment.

Dec 2011 on the island of Mayorca post brachytherapy (radiated wires wrapped around my tongue for two days in solitary confinement.)

recovering from radiation at Chelsea piers, NYC

June 2011 at Chelsea Pier, NYC, contemplating the nasty effects of radiation to neck and mouth while trying to focus on the bright side.

July 2012, the Hudson on the way back from Bear Mountain to NYC before heading in for surgery to have my left fibula replace my jawbone.

Three weeks after the surgery.  The swelling from having my fibula firmly affixed in my jaw with a titanium plate took three months to dissipate.







November 2012, about 2.5 months later, the bulge, ever so slowly, taking its leave.

June 2013 Madison Sq Park with GV.






Dec 31, 2012, New Year’s Even Midnight Run in Central Park with GV.

July 2013 on the back side of Bocarón, coming up from Santa Fe Antióquia on the way back to Medellin, Colombia. Dealing with the extremely stiff neck fibrosis from the operation the year prior.

February 2016 on the island of Koh Samui with nephew Sam.

2018 — Bangkok. I wasn’t having a putin-moment, rather I’ve been soaking up rays shirtless since my teams. photo compliments of gvf.