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Thinking outside the….

It is one of those key-event memories we all have.  We recall exactly when and where we were, even when decades have passed.

It was 1987, our small team was called to a meeting with our boss’s boss on the 5th floor of our 6-floor company headquarters in San Bruno, California.  He was a newly hired executive so he gathered (one of) his fledgling departments to tell us how important it was to organize and import the merchandise from our hundreds of apparel factories around the world, spread out in dozens of countries, flow the millions of pieces by sea, air, and truck into our mammoth distribution centers in the USA, then ship coordinated collections out to our thousand-plus retail stores so that the goods were received by all the outlets on the same day, at roughly the same time.  We had to do this as efficient, and cheap, as possible.  We are talking about competitively-priced fashion apparel, with a shelf-life less than that of most food products.

9 dot puzzle

9 dot puzzle

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